Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I can't seem to stop the following:

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 2 DVD  (Original U.K. Unedited Edition) (2012) - shopPBS.org

Watching season two of 'Downton Abbey'.  We just found out you can rent season two instead of having to wait until every Sunday at nine o'clock.  We finished it last night and are now in a sort of 'Downton post-partum'.  I guess I'll have to go back to the beginning of season 1.

Crocheting these little flowers.  They are for washing your face with, so I made one for each day of the week.  It never occurred to me you could use something so pretty to wash and give a gentle exfoliation with.  They are made with cotton yarn, so are washable.

Crocheting my new blanket.  I'm using an easy pattern of double crochet in different colours.  I bought this yarn to make a granny square blanket but decided I wanted to use different colours.  I told myself I could not start another big project until I used up this stash of yarn first, so here I am.  I am having fun with it: it's going quickly and I like choosing my next colour at the end of each row.  It will be bright and colourful and will make its home in the basement.

All this movie watching and crocheting is tough on my eyes.  They have been sore for days, but a good kind of sore.  Still, I have to rest them up for a while before I get back to it.  Today I'll clean the house and make some granola for Mr. Crafty.  The sun has gone away so it's a good time to just get to work.
Have a great day!

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