Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Stuff

I bought an all red puzzle at the thrift store a few years ago for a dollar.  My idea was that we could bring it out on Dec. 1 and the goal would be to have it done by Christmas Eve.  The first year we got a bit done; I don't think it made it out of its container last year, but this year we did it!  It only took the weekend to do too.

It was challenging, but fun too.  I had forgotten how addicting puzzles are.  I could never pass by the table without just trying to find a few pieces that fit!

My Favourite Girl squirrelled herself away at the craft table this morning and came up with another totally fabulous creation:  behold our plasticine and popsicle stick creche!

She's just so awesome I can't get over it :)

I also gave Mr. Crafty World an early Christmas gift:

There are now two cars in the garage and not one car and a partially refinished china cabinet.  The china cabinet is in the dining room, wearing it's second coat of stain and will be ready for varnish this week!

All in all a productive weekend I think.  I also got the house cleaned.  Both kids were at a movie night last night until 10 and Mr. Crafty World had a work function.  The house seemed so lonely and empty I decided to have a date with the vacuum cleaner.  Fun, fun, fun in my Crafty World!

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Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I love your vintage Christmas ornament header! The little creche is adorable. BTW, I saw a flower pot creche scene made by a little girl at The Big Mama blog a few days ago. I think you'd like it.

You are probably the most productive person I know!!

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