Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As Good As It Gets

When we finished our basement last spring, I had said on my blog that I would show pictures of my craft space.  The reason why I haven't yet is because frankly it's never clean enough for me to take pictures of it.  Yesterday, as I 'cleaned' the space for the umpteenth time, I thought I should just snap a picture before it gets any worse.  Truthfully, this is the best it has ever looked, and probably ever will.  So here it is folks - a quickie basement tour 18 months after being finished!

This is the "hallway" at the bottom of the stairs and part of the kids crafty zone:

Here's the rest of it.  I made those planets for the basement when we lived in our last house.  I thought the bright colors would look nice with all the other bright colors!

This is the left side of my crafting space that is behind the kids'.  I keep my fabric in the left cupboard; books and magazines in the middle, and paper/stamping/general craft supplies in the right cupboard.  Under the table are my ribbon and yarn.

And here is the right!  The Welsh Dresser would normally be in our kitchen, but in this house there isn't a spot for it unfortunately.  While we live here it's housing mostly cross stitch supplies.

When you step out of the "room" that houses my stuff, and across from the kids area is the computer and treadmill beside it (not seen):

...and opposite this is the TV area.

If you hang a right after the bookshelf on the right you will be back to where the stairs are.  The door to the right of the stairs leads to the other side of the basement, which is unfinished and houses the furnace and lots of other "stuff", like food, camping gear, suitcases, etc.

We have been having amazing summer weather here lately, which is much appreciated after a nonexistent spring.  The kids and I have spent the last couple of days exploring the ravine and biking to the library.  Next week I am putting on a day camp for my two kids and 5 others from the neighborhood, so it will be busy!  I hope the weather is good so we can do most of the activities outside; otherwise it will turn into five, full day playdates!

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