Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Trigger Happy

I had a busy Sunday spray painting all sorts of things!

First up is this planter I took from my neighbor's garbage:



I'm not actually keeping the fern in there: I just used it for the photo because it looks better than what I planted at the moment!  I am waiting for my red impatiens to fill out and they should look quite nice with the aqua paint - I'm hoping anyway!

Also from the neighbor's trash:

I'm not sure what she used these for, but after a new coat of spray paint they are going to be the trellises in my new rose garden.  We bought a beautiful climber and I'm hoping these will set it off nicely.  I have to attach them to the fence yet.

I loved the aqua spray paint so much I painted these pots to go in the corner shelves of our "urban gazebo":

They are planted with white impatiens and should look nice and fresh when they bloom.

Lastly, you may remember this chair I did last year:

Well now it looks like this:

I like the blue paint with the patchwork cushion, but it didn't really fit anywhere in my house.  I would put it my craft area if I had the space.  Now it is going to have a home in My Favourite Girl's newly decorated room!  I'll post on that later.  I was so happy she chose the retro fabric for the cushion cover: it makes me smile when I see it.

We had a very weird storm here yesterday morning around 5 o'clock.  When A. went to work he said he saw tornado clouds.  I have been a little spooked since then because the weather has been so hot and humid: perfect for tornadoes!  Normally I wouldn't be worried, but a few years ago a tornado whipped through a subdivision about 20 minutes from here and destroyed about 8 houses in the middle of the day.  So much for my story to soothe the kids that tornadoes don't come through subdivisions with brick houses!


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Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I love the aqua pots- so pretty and you're right, the red flowers will look amazing in the planter! I love the fabric you chose for the wicker chair; it will fantastic in the room.

Thank goodness I didn't hear the news about the tornado clouds or I would have spent the week in the basement!

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