Friday, June 17, 2011

New Digs

A couple of months ago My Favourite Girl told me she wanted to re-do her room.  This was a big step for her, as she does not like things to change!

Here is a picture of her room in 2008.  Since then I had changed the bed covering, but the walls have been yellow since I painted them in 2007:

She told me she wanted her walls painted purple and green.  I hesitated at first, because I thought it would just be too much.  After thinking about it, then deciding to do it (as long as I got to pick the paint chips!), I found the perfect quilt at Homesense that was purple and green and covered in butterflies!   The paint I chose is from Valspar and I chose two colors called 'Cool Violet' and 'Lime Ice'.  I had the colors matched at Home Hardware, because I really love their Beautitone paint - and it's more affordable.

The quilt turned out to be a double size: that's why it's so long.  This particular quilt sold out quickly, so I was unable to exchange it.  I couldn't return it because I had just painted the room to match the quilt!

(If you want a better view, just click on any of  the pictures)

My Favourite Girl wanted to do some painting as well, and being the control freak I am I didn't let her try the walls.  I said she could paint her drawer fronts if she wanted and she did a fine job:

Having a butterfly theme made it really easy to pull things together:

These are those little mirrors from the dollar store.  I couldn't stick them right to the wall (because I'm not crazy!) with their adhesive backing, so I attached them to thumbtacks.  Tack holes are much easier to fix later than ripped off paint.

Here I attached butterfly clips to the curtain hooks:

I was lucky in that I could re-use some eyelet curtains from our last house.  They look really pretty and light in her room. The room faces north, so anything that makes it seem lighter is a good thing!

We switched out some of the old wall decorations.  She really wanted to make some of her own, and this is one of the pictures she has made so far:

Cute!  She made sure the shirt matched to room colours.  There's no doubt whose daughter she is!

The next thing to get new digs were my roses:

The coral one in the back (which smells like candy) is a climber.  Those trellises are the ones I pulled from my neighbor's garbage.  The rose on the right is a David Austen rose, and does it ever smell beautiful.  It has so many petals on each flower, and they are all so soft and lovely.  I hope to have many bouquets from that bush!

Here are a few other things blooming in my garden right now:

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