Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Day

So today is the last day of school.  The kids only have a half-day, and then the fun of summer vacation begins.  My Favourite Girl is always sad on the last day, because it means the end to her social days.  She is a very social girl, and is happiest when there are  lots of people around, all doing fun things.  My Favourite Boy is a bit sad, because he said he will miss his teachers.  I  had to bite my tongue because neither Mr. Crafty World or I thought his teachers were very good with him, but if he has forgotten certain things then it wouldn't be very good of me to bring them up.  

The kids made some gifts for their teachers this year.  I found an idea similar to this on the internet.  I thought they were cute because they are made by little hands, but practical for the teachers too.  I suppose I don't have to tell you that the best part is all five only cost $12 to make?

I baked some cookies for the bus driver too.  I was floored when I heard how little they get paid for driving all those little ones around ($40/day).  No wonder they have a hard time finding drivers.

These were some of my peonies from last week.  We had two terrific rain storms and all the petals got knocked off, so I'm glad I picked these when I did.

They smelled really pretty too!

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