Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Check-in

One of the things I am loving about restricting our "screen-time" is the fact that we have things to show for our time.  The kids and I have been doing more crafts together, which is always nice, and the pile in my project in-box is starting to get a little smaller.

We had time to make some decorations for St. Patrick's Day:

We made some spring bouquets to brighten our house:

 Tissue Paper Cherry Blossoms
Handprint Lilies

I completed a Halloween project I have had in my mind for months now:

I finished a big WIP that I started last year!

I call it my "Butterfly Meadow" quilt.  It's not bed sized, but I made it to use while snuggling on the couch.  The colors were really a treat to work with as winter seems to be lingering on and on.

I took some previously finished cross stitch and turned one into a small pillow, and for the other I tried a cube finish.  I know there are no-sew cube finishes, but for some reason I felt I needed to stitch mine together.  Next time I will do the no-sew version!

I have always wanted some kind of "tree" to hang my cross stitch ornaments on.  Once the snow melted I raided the yard for broken branches and spray painted them white.  I finished off some more previously stitched egg designs into quickie ornaments by backing them with felt, and they are now hanging on my tree with two Ellen Maurer- Stroh spring ornaments I have stitched this month

And finally, back in February I went crazy making elephants from the book Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts.  If you grew up in the 70's you may recognize some of these fabrics!  I raided my stash of colorful pillowcases and sheets to make this passel of pachyderms:

Meet Happy, Rosie, Peanut, Star, Mel and Violet.

And that, my friends, is what we have accomplished so far!  I have to say, I am lovin' our Lenten decision!
Take care!

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Pumpkin said...

Now there's some spring decor! Your elephants are so cute :o) Great job with the cube and pillow. I never thought of a small egg as a topper before!

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