Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Gifts

I had a birthday last week.  On the weekend we drove to three different craft stores so I could have a mooch around.  One of the stores was the Canadian needlework mecca, Mary Maxim, located outside gorgeous Paris, ON.  My joke for the week was that my husband took me to Paris for my birthday!

Of course there were gifts from my kids too.  Each one of them made me a beautiful flower arrangement:

From My Favorite boy.  I love the Easter theme.  He also drew colorful spring pictures all around the sides of the pot.

From My Favorite Girl.  She knows I love flowers.  My favorite part is the sparkly "Mom" written on the sides of the pot in glitter.

I also got this:

It's  a second-hand one  I found on Kijiji.  I am super excited about having it, as I have wanted one for a very long time!  I haven't played since I was about 11, so there is  a lot of re-learning to be done.  I know that knowledge is up in my brain somewhere, it's just getting it to come out!  I am waiting for a "Learn to play the Piano" DVD to come in the mail, but I may have to resort to a few lessons.  The piano does need to be re-finished, but that might be a while.  I think I will cover that extremely white vinyl seat in the meantime though!

Happy Spring!


"Religion is Poison" Chairman Mao said...

It's Beautiful.

Pumpkin said...

I didn't realize you had a birthday! Sorry but Happy (belated) Birthday Jenn!!!!

That was very sweet of the kids :o)

Oh wow! What a beauty you found!

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