Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Good (second) Start

I finally have a progress picture to show of my SAL snowman.  I'm sure Pumpkin feels like I've wimped out!  If this wasn't such a fun stitch, I fear I may have, after having to rip out my first attempt.  However, I am finding this design quite addicting to stitch, and since I am using a separate needle for each main color it is coming along very quickly.

I am using DMC threads, and while at first I was thinking the hand-dyed ones look so much better, I decided I am loving the brighter tones of the DMC in this particular design.

I have another crafty finish to show.

I thrifted this alarm clock in the fall.  Of course it didn't look like this then!  It was painted purple and the face had a Curves logo on it.  A promotional item I am guessing.  I was inspired by similar clocks in the Greengate catalogue.  It took me months to decide what color I wanted the clock, as that would determine where the clock would eventually go.  When I purchased the papers for the BAKE  letters, I thought one of the patterned papers was pretty enough to use as a clock face.  I happened to have some scrap-booking stickers with numbers, so put those into good use as well.  I'm not sure if I'll keep it like this forever, but for now it looks just fine in my very girly spare bedroom.

We are back to winter weather today after having plus 12 degrees yesterday.  It's also a long weekend for us, and we will most likely be hanging around here.  I have a feeling lots of crafts will be in order to fight boredom by the little people.  Oh the sacrafices I make...!

Thank-you so much for dropping by; have a great week!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Things

I seem to have a lot on the go right now, not the least of which is purging, purging, purging.  Or rather, I have been making my kids go through their things and decide what's staying and what's going.  I'm quite proud of them; they have both decided to part with quite a few things they no longer play with.  Their bedrooms and craft area in the basement really do feel lighter.

To decorate their newly cleaned rooms I made each of them some fabric bunting with their names on them.  I was able to use up quite a bit of nautical fabric for My Favorite Boy's bunting (see, I've been purging too!): well as a curtain panel for My Favorite Girl's.

I did a bit of thrifting last week: I seemed to have good luck with vintage books.  It was half price day at Goodwill and I came home with these:

I'm not a knitter, but the Practical Home Knitting book from 1949 was just too good to pass up.  I wish I did knit, because there are some seriously great sweater patterns in there.  There's even a pattern for a figure skating dress!  The other three are novels, the top being an 1899 copy of Arabian Nights.

I started work on a scarf for Mr.Crafty World.  He's been feeling a bit left out of the homemade scarf endeavor, as I'm sure it seemed I was making everyone else a scarf before Christmas but him.  I'm using the same blue-green chunky yarn I used to make a ruffle scarf for someone else, but this time I'm sticking to a much faster double crochet version.

While buying my yarn yesterday I came upon these MDF letters and pretty scrapbook papers.

I knew just what I wanted to do with them, inspired by a set I saw at Coco Rose Textiles.

The light where I have these hanging is not the greatest, but now that I have them up I don't want to take them down to re-photograph them.  I think I might change them later to be all the same pattern, just like the ones at Coco Rose.

I'm back to cross stitching, this time a snowman design by Stitchy Kitty.  I'm working on it as a SAL (stitch a-long) with Pumpkin.

So far it has  been a fun stitch, which is a good thing because I have to start over :( .  I noticed last night that I didn't  give myself enough space for the design.  I'm trying to look on the bright side - at least I didn't get too far into it.

And that's it for this week.  Thanks for stopping by!

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