Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Stuff

I stitched some cross stitch hearts a few weeks ago and took ages deciding how to finish it.  I had thought of some kind of wall hanging, but the inspiration never really came to me.  Since any type of finish is better than a stitched piece lounging away in a drawer, I decided to make it into a pillow.

The cross stitched hearts were a free design from I got off the internet.  Unfortunately I don't have the designer's name or link to give credit to.

I also decoupaged these votive cups bought at the thrift store a few weeks ago:

I have lots of cancelled world stamps and thought an all-red collage might look OK.  I'm happy with them- even happier at the price: less than a dollar for both!

I tried this recipe for Nigella's chocolate orange loaf, and it turned out really well.  Chocolate and orange is probably my favorite combination.   I think the recipe is in her Christmas book, though the recipe I have was reprinted in a magazine.

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Pumpkin said...

You're all set for Valentine's Day! I do love those stitched hearts :o)

Holly said...

I LOVE those stitched hearts. If you remember where the free chart came from please e-mail me.

Thanks so much,

Dale C said...

Love the stitched hearts!!! Sometimes when you print off a graph from the internet, the internet address is on the bottom or top of the page. I would also love the design if you come up with the designer.

Anonymous said...

I have searched for this freebie and have not been able to find it. If you do remember I would like a copy of it, too. Thanks for the image. Your finish is pleasing to the eye.

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