Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Week...

I'm working on what I call  the Blueberry Muffin scarf:

Have just finished a merry little mermaid and jellyfish friend:

...am painting my coffee table and;

 (drumroll please)....have finished Christmas shopping for my Favorite Boy and Girl!  I still have a bunch of sewing to do, but at least I won't have to make anymore trips to the mall - halleluja!

Have a great week; thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Few Finishes

I am happy to say I have gotten back into stitching at night and have knocked off a few WIPS.  I stared this one back in the spring.  It's a freebie from Erynne over at Red House - and a generous sized freebie at that.  I just checked out her site and I don't know if this chart is available anymore, or if she still has to transfer it over  from her old blog.  I changed the colors - the original is black and orange and very stunning, but would not "fit" in my house at all.  It was spring when I started stitching it and I was thinking of my own purple and pink clematis yet to bloom so I changed it to these colors.  I think I would like to frame this piece, so a trip to the craft store will be in order soon.  The design is square and I would like to find a square frame, but who knows how successful I'll be.
My next WIP has been sitting around for ages, and I am embarrassed to admit there was only about 20 minutes of stitching required to finish it off.  I used a hand dyed silk for this one, and it was such a pleasure to work with!

This one was a freebie as well, from My Aunt's Attic, and you can find the chart here.  All of the designs from My Aunt's Attic are categorized there as well, which makes it a bit easier to find them.

My kids had a great Halloween night, although it was awfully cold outside.  They trolled the neighborhood with nine other children and seven dads and came home with bags bursting with candy.  Mr. Crafty World bought the candy to hand out yesterday, and since he goes out with the kids he didn't realize how few trick or treaters we actually get. He bought 48 bags of chips; the largest bag of lollipops I have ever seen; a bag of Mario Brothers gummy candy and 192 mini chocolate bars.  We had 17 kids come to the door, including the little pack our own kids were in.   I was giving away fistfuls of candy and there is still a ton left!

Today My Favorite Boy is staying home to have a "well day".  He is not feeling sick so much as he has an extremely runny nose and is totally ripe for picking up a worse virus and also spreading his own.  We've been watching the movie 'Cars' and coloring and also looking at my new book, which arrived in my mailbox today:

He wasn't so enthused about it until he saw the baby giraffe and monster toy, so it looks like I have a few items to add to my Christmas sewing list!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day :)

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