Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Decor

This has been a great year for Halloween crafts.  I like to have hand crafted decorations when I can, and this year I have been able to get quite a few new decorations done.  As well as making my feather wreaths, I made this paper Trick or Treat banner out of scrapbook paper.

It's a little hard to get an entire shot of it, but the idea is from The Crafting Chicks website:  it's  a neat place to visit but I recommend blocking off a bit of time to explore it all!

The Boo blocks are also something new this year.

I have seen variations in all sorts of blogs, and I believe the Crafting Chicks website has an example as well.  I used a scrap piece of two by four lumber for those; scrapbook paper and wooden letters from Michaels.

I even managed to finish up my quilted Halloween table runner:

 I started this one in February and it has been sitting around unfinished ever since.  Getting it done the week before Halloween is better than the week after though right?!

Yesterday was a family affair in the making of gingerbread cookies.  I love watching the kids decorate their cookies, and am especially pleased that all the spooky characters look so happy.

When we decorate cookies I make a couple of pots of runny icing (icing sugar and milk), and set them out with icing-only paintbrushes.  The kids have a bit more control over the icing application and there is a lot less mess than big gobs of icing dripping off knife points.  Supplemented with sprinkles and gel icing in tubes it makes for a fun time.

This last week I have also managed to complete an Hermione Granger and Super Mario costume. I tell you I'm on a roll!  I think I should buy a lottery ticket :)

I am attributing all this energy to the woodland walks I have been taking.

It's chilly outside, but those changing leaves can't be beat.

 This was my walking companion on Thursday: isn't he cute?  I mean, if you could see his little face?  I "borrowed" him from a friend.  He is a five month old Westie and very curious!


Pumpkin said...

You've been busy! I love all your ideas although I tried to get together stuff for a feathered wreath yesterday and it didn't work out :o( I would have to travel to the Big City for that. Drat!

Lovely pictures of the leaves. I especially like the golden maple leaves :o)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Have a great halloween - love your trick or treat banner!

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