Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Inspiration

Saturday was such a beautiful day; all blue skies and sunshine and perfect for...

We headed out to Pine Farms Apple Orchard, right in the middle of the rolling hills of the Greenbelt.

This day we were after the crunchy and juicy Royal Gala apples, but we did our best to try and eat one of every variety available!

There were lots of apples ready to be picked.  I just loved roaming up and down the rows taking pictures of all the lovely fruit.

After collecting enough for the day, we headed to the shop:

...which I just love with the displays of pumpkins and cider and candy apples.  They also have a bakery and coffee shop inside which we have yet to try.  The only reason I wanted to go inside this day was to get this: blossom and wildflower honey.  It's the best honey I have ever tasted.  It isn't as sweet as the commercial stuff you buy in the stores and it really does have a light floral taste to it.  I almost can't wait for winter just to have a hot lemon and honey drink.

Coming home with all those apples really inspired me to bake something.  A quick stop at the grocery store for some puff pastry and a short while later we were enjoying these, fresh from the oven:

I used a mixture of Gala and Russets for the filling.  They were gone in a hurry!

Apple inspiration made its way to my sewing room, where I decided it would be nice to have some new, seasonal potholders.  I finished these this morning:

Have your best day ever.


Pumpkin said...

Ahhhh fall :o) LOVE this time of year!

I don't know if I'll get apple picking this year or not. Always fun though :o)

Great job on the pot holders.

Stephanie said... you really need to make the cobbler recipe! Very cute potholders.

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