Saturday, July 17, 2010

Frozen Fudge Pops

This summer has proven to be a hot one and we are going through frozen treats very quickly.  I usually make my own by whipping up some fruit smoothies and freezing them in popsicle molds.  Sometimes though, you just have to give in and give the kids sugar-y, store like frozen treats and avoid looking at nutrition labels.
This recipe is for frozen fudge pops.  I found it in my grandmother's recipe box scribbled on the corner of an envelope.  It's so quick to do and I think compared to some of the store bought frozen treats out there it may be a fraction healthier.  A big plus though, is that you get voted "Best Mum Ever" when you make them.  Now that's something I can overlook a label for once in a while!

1 package instant chocolate pudding mix powder
3 cups milk
1/2 cup sugar

Mix well and freeze in popsicle molds.  This filled all 12 of my molds - each mold is 1/4 cup - and there was probably a mold and a half left over.
I use 3% milk because that's what we drink, but obviously you can use a lower fat milk for a lower fat treat.  I don't think skim milk would work so well though; it tends to freeze in watery sheets.  I have also started to experiment with the amount of sugar used.  I'm sure you could cut it in half at least and still get the thumbs up from the kids.  I am sure instant pudding mix from 30 years ago had less sugar in the mix than they do now anyway.
I have also tried a strawberry version, using a Dr. Oetker instant strawberry mousse mix.  It got a thumbs up as well.

There is half the amount of powder in here compared to the chocolate kind, so I halved the milk and sugar.  It is very sweet, so next time I will cut the sugar out completely as there is enough in the mix already.

Isn't that shade of pink to die for?!

Next up I want to try a vanilla pudding version, and possibly one of those artificially minty green, pistachio varieties.  I have a feeling I would have those all to myself...

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