Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

OK, I know it's Thursday, but I have been trying to post since Tuesday and have been having lots of troubles.  So - I was poking around the 'net on Tuesday morning and seeing lots of pretty frou-frou found by folks at the thrift stores, so thought I would test my own luck.  I live near two super-sized thrift stores:  Goodwill and Value Village.  I don't go to Goodwill that often, but I decided to visit on Tuesday since it's been a couple of months.  It was totally worth it!  Lots of good stuff there then.  I missed out on some really great tea cups, but there was a pretty serious tea cup collector there (she said she has over 300!) and she was swooping down on the employees as soon as they came out of the back with a new cart of stuff.  The rest of us really didn't have a chance!  I got lots of other goodies though, so on with the show!
I thought this would look nice on my shelf of potted china posies.

To which these have been added.  I love the little tulips - I haven't seen those before.
A pretty little birdie plate and Bachelor Button cream and sugar set.  I happen to like that we call them "Bachelor Buttons", but I remember an English lady who came into the flower shop I was working at many years ago and telling me explicitly they were called CORNFLOWERS and that's all!
The background on these look white but they are really a very pale green.  They are in mint condition too.

I thought this was really cute.  It's only about three inches across.  It will make a nice holding spot for my rings when I have to take them off in the bathroom.

I just love this.  I don't know how old it is - it's pretty clean inside - but it was made in England.  I'll probably put sewing supplies in it.

I totally do not need it, but I couldn't resist it.  The colors are bright and clear and the gold is perfect.  I don't think it was ever handled!

Not vintage, but I couldn't help but think of my sweet girl when I saw this.  Now she has more room to store all those beaded necklaces she makes.

Goodwill is having a 50% off sale tomorrow, but I think I will pass on it.  Firstly I have My Favorite Boy home with me and I would have to take him, and second I was just there!  Even I know when I'm pushing the thrifting envelope!

Have a great day :)


Pumpkin said...

Whoa! You had one awesome trip this time :o) I love the plates and pieces with the flowers on them.

Solstitches said...

You found some wonderful treasures.
I only know those flowers as cornflowers but think bachelor buttons is a rather charming name for them.

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