Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain Date

I figure for every seven days of hot, gorgeous weather I need a rain day.  A really good soaker where I don't even want to contemplate leaving the house for anything.  My brain has been taking a vacation lately, as I complained before, and I found myself just wandering around the house and not being able to focus on anything.  Well yesterday I got my wish and was able to get back on track.  I did a big grocery shop and then came home and baked.  What a nice feeling to know now that I have stuff for lunches -rhubarb muffins; sausage biscuits; ham and cheese muffins.   Stuff for future meals -red pepper dip; lemon marinated chicken breasts; bread and four batches of stock ( two turkey and two chicken).  Actually now it's only two batches, because Mr. Crafty World poured the turkey stock down the drain last night when he was cleaning up after supper.  One of those complete brain wipe-outs for sure.  I can't be too mad, because he does clean up the supper dishes every night.  It's too bad it was the turkey stock though; there won't be any more of that until October!

My Favorite Boy had a good day yesterday as well.  On the way to school we saw some people from the power company getting ready to do some work on one of those big green electrical boxes they have on the side of the road.  One of the jobs involved digging around the box with a front end loader.  Because the whole crew was not there yet, the driver of the the front end loader asked if My Favorite Boy would like to get inside the cab of the machine.  Well, for a kid who knew every kind of construction vehicle by the time he was three, this was a big thrill.  So big in fact that he really didn't know what to do!  We had to encourage him to sit down and hold the steering wheel.  He was a very happy boy indeed.

All that kitchen work yesterday made it extra pleasurable to go to the fabric store's 50% off sale today.  As I'm sure you can imagine!  I joined a bag swap and wanted to get some inspiration.  I think I got some pretty nice stuff - now the hard part is deciding what bag to make!  The deadline for entering is June 30, but then I don't know how long I have to make and mail the bag.  It's an international swap so I don't want my recipient to be waiting forever to get it.  So I'm deciding whether to make a bag now and then just send it off at the beginning of July, or wait until I get my partner so I can ask what colors/style they like. 

This is the bouquet for My Favorite Girl.  Tonight is the first or three shows for her dance recital.  Then dance is done and dusted for the summer.  Yay!

Have a great weekend!

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Pumpkin said...

Again, busy, busy, busy! When do you have time to Blog? ;o)

That must have been a thrill for DS!

Great fabric. I was at the fabric store today and bought some stuff myself :o) I'll post it to my Blog this week.

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