Monday, June 14, 2010


Can you tell which one isn't fresh picked?

After fertilizing my wisteria, I found this little visitor:

Poor thing; I must have scared it half to death.  All she was doing was hiding and waiting for her mama to come feed her, when a big monster came along and doused her with water and Miracle-Gro.  After taking the picture I backed away and the mama did come back with some juicy worms in her mouth.  I heard much frantic chirping from the baby bird (bird bawling?) before she got fed.  Mama took off and watched from a distance, and finally baby made a safe exit.
We had a rainy weekend here.  I was supposed to have a garage sale on Saturday morning but we had torrential downpours.  I had to run around in my pyjamas at 6:46 am and remove all my signs :(  Perhaps next weekend....
We spent a good part of the day in the city - big stuff for us.  We ended up at Yonge and Lawrence, and it just so happened they were having a bit of a street party.  The kids got to see some clowns and have their faces painted.  We ate at a little patisserie  (Patisserie Sebastien?), but it wasn't so much fun for the kids who really just wanted a toasted bagel and a doughnut.  We had to make up for it and buy four really expensive desserts: the fancy French kind.  They were very good I have to say, and now I'm determined to recreate the lavender panna cotta with strawberry sauce.  It took all my willpower not to lick the cup clean.
Afterwards we came home and ordered pizza and watched Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I will have to read the book again because we didn't find the movie very good.  I know my Mum read it to me when I was little, but that's all I remember.
Today I hope to get a start on some teacher gifts while listening to my new Vera Lynn CD.  If all is successful I should have them posted later in the week.
Have a great day!

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Pumpkin said...

I'm DROOLING over those pansies!!!! Such wonderful colors.

Poor little guy. Maybe you'll have given his a growth boost ;o)

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