Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Mish-Mash

While I love this time of year I find the change in weather does something to my motivation and organization in all areas of my life.  I'm tired of driving to dance lessons and dealing with all the little details that need to be attended to for Our Favorite Girl's recital.  I've developed meal-time apathy and can't seem to think of what to make for lunch boxes and supper.  I flit around from hobby to hobby and my house-cleaning supplies are feeling terribly neglected I'm sure.  So this post is a mish-mash of sorts, telling you I'm still here and doing a few things. 
In May I was really missing doing some cross stitch for pleasure, after having finished the bird piece for my Grammie.  It's all framed now and ready to go - good riddance I say!  Anyway I stitched a few freebies I found on the web ages ago:

I'm super chuffed about the fact that I stitched the bunny over one thread.  It's not something I normally do and I totally admire those stitchers who do it on a regular basis.  When I get them finished I'll look up who the charts are from.  I'm thinking needle book for the strawberry design.
Mr. Crafty World and I have been overhauling the backyard - I moved my perennial bed to the other side of the yard and now I can enjoy them from my kitchen window.  There's not much to look at now but everything transplanted well so it should look pretty good in a few weeks.

I do have a few flowers to enjoy:

We bought a little firepit for the yard and actually used it on the weekend.  We had kind of an impromptu outdoor get-together with the neighbors, and the kids played outside for hours and hours.  They ate their supper outside on a picnic blanket and ran between the two yards with glow bracelets on their little wrists.  Those are the kind of nights they remember for ages.  

There's been shopping too - how could you think otherwise?
New eye-candy:

Another not-to-be-resisted tea cup.  I didn't get my cornflowers planted this year so this will have to do :)

I spent an hour and a half in line on Saturday morning to get this:

For twenty five dollars instead of one hundred  I didn't mind the wait!
And lastly this purchase is an exciting one for the kids.  Mr. Crafty World not so much, but he is out voted on this one!

Now to find a free weekend and an available camp site....

Have a lovely week!


Annette said...

I love the little strawberry design!! Where did you find it?
Beautifull pictures of the garden and lovely books

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful teacup!!!

Pumpkin said...

Great finishes Jenn. I love that bunny :o)

Boy you've been busy! Your flower bed looks great and those blue flowers (Morning Glories?) are just gorgeous.

You got some great deals, especially the rain barrel. WOW!

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