Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grey Skies

...had nothing on me today!  I am determined not to let the weather get to me when it's all overcast and raining.  After all, it's just rain.  (My pretty new umbrellas are a big help too!) 
So: today was not so uber-productive, but I did:
a) clean my bathroom.  Now I can have a nice relaxing bath in a super shiny clean tub :)
b) watch half an episode of Cityline - which I never seem to get a chance too - and worked a bit on the basement baseboards.
c) decorate (previously cut and baked - what a way to do it) sugar cookies and do a drop off to Mr. Crafty World's work.  I figured he needed a bit of a pick-me-up.

Since the quilt store is just a few blocks from his work, I picked up a bit of fabric for my next two quiltlets.  Is that restraint or what?
Then it was over to Costco for a new cookbook.  A friend made the dauphinoise potatoes from it the other night and they were really tasty.  A little French inspiration is always good :)
I was planning on buying a bunch of yellow tulips for the house, but got a better idea instead.  I am trying to cast off my Alberta gardening mentality (grow nothing until June, nothing!) and headed off to Lowes for some pansies.  I came out with a bunch of flowers and practically skipped out of the store.  That's how excited I was.
After picking up My Favorite Boy from school and letting him splash in puddles to his heart's content on the way home, I planted everything.  Now I have some nice spring-y displays to greet anyone who walks up the path:
Oh, it was such a good day. 


Pumpkin said...

It sure does sound like you had a wonderful day! All those happy cookies and beautiful flowers would brighten anyone's day :o) It sure did it for me and my poor long gone tooth :o(

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your cookies are enough to put a smile on your face! Your seedlings look so pretty - you have had a fabulous day.

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