Friday, February 19, 2010

Sunshine + Sewing = Happiness

The sun came out today.  Being a prairie girl who grew up with lots of sunshine, my psyche really takes a beating when it's gloomy outside.  Too bad for me that southern Ontario is mostly gloomy all winter!  Anyway, the sun came out today and I stopped feeling sorry for myself and dove into my fabric stash. 

 I have been wanting to make a Union Jack pillow for ages now, and I decided that today was the day.  Part of the reason why it took so long to make was that I couldn't decide what fabric to use.  I decided to just be assertive and pick something and if I didn't like it I would make another one.  Turns out the first things I picked out I loved.  I guess I should be assertive with my stash more often; maybe more would find it's way into a finished product!
After much measuring and eye-balling and pressing and stitching I ended up with this:

And it's new home is on here:

Have a great weekend! 


melanie said...

I love it, so pretty! xxx

Pumpkin said...

Well look at that! You continue to amaze me Jenn :o)

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