Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Improvement

If you remember a couple of posts ago I said we were going to finish our basement sometime this year, probably in a couple of months. Well as luck would have it the big project is going to start at the end of this week. I am really happy about this. The only downside is, the news came at the same time the transmission and rear seatbelts on our cars stopped working, and also at a time when all the prep work that needs to be done in order to start the basement has to be done by me.
The first order of business was to empty the basement. Now I don't think I have ever posted a picture of my crafting space, so you're in for a treat. Actually I'm joking, you may want to avert your eyes.
So you can see how uninspiring it might be to work down here, and I can only blame my messiness on the fact that it's so uninspiring. Now that you have had your intake of breath in horror, picture me now having to bring all this stuff upstairs to live in the living room for who knows how long. This isn't all either: there is another side to the basement that has an equal amount of videos and toys and kids craft supplies and books and holiday decorations and all the stuff that basements hold. I hauled it all upstairs and stuffed it in the living room. Then I took all the vapor barrier off, and the insulation; and today my trusty crowbar and I had a go at the framing. Most of it's gone too. Since doing that I have had a bath to ease tired muscles; emptied the dishwasher and put supper in the crock-pot. I made myself a big cup of coffee and now I'm planning on doing nothing until I have to pick up My Favorite Boy. I think I really earned it!

As I was loading some pictures onto the computer the other day I found this photo I took last month. I picked this little tea chest up at the thrift store last year, and it holds elastics and barrettes for My Favorite Girl's hair. It's been over a year I have been wanting to give it a make-over, and after Christmas I finally did.
I knocked the resin teacups and pot off and sprayed the whole thing a fresh white. I took the same fabric I used in the bathroom valance and decoupaged it onto the drawers. Then I put in some screws and glued blue resin flowers to the ends for handles. Certainly not an heirloom, but it goes better with the bathroom now and gave me an hour or so of playing with glue and fabric.

I don't anticipate much craftiness going on in our household over the next few weeks while the basement is being done. I think a lot of my time will be spent running between hardware stores finding lights and paint and all that business. Oh, and convincing myself that taking everything back down to the basement will be a piece of cake.


MelMel said...

What a cute blog!
ilove the banner with the rabbit on...x

Pumpkin said...

Oh man! And I thought my craft room was packed! I have nothing on you ;o) Good luck with the renovations.

Brilliant transformation!

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