Friday, January 8, 2010

Are you selfish

...with your stash? Be it fabric or fibres, papers , stickers or embellishments? Do you buy pretty things and just can't part with them, because you're sure another, better project will come to light using them? Or maybe you love them so much you don't want to use them up in projects for other people because you won't be able to get more?

I am guilty, guilty, guilty of that. I have fabric in my stash as old as my marriage. That's almost 15 years folks. I have pretty little do-hickeys to put on those handmade cards I'm always saying I'll make which have been sitting patiently in their neat little plastic divider boxes. I have a small collection of silk threads for embroidery, but once I got them I'm convinced no project is "just right" to use them on.

I don't make resolutions at the turn of the year, because once I say I'm going to do something, it invariably never happens. This year, instead of a resolution to use up a large portion of my stash (or rather, stashes) I have a sincere desire to make stuff with it and get it out of here. We talked about this on New Year's Eve with the kids. I told my kids my 'sincere desire' (because remember it's not a resolution!), and My Favorite Boy replied; "But then you will have to buy all new stuff". Oh what a smart boy!
Now when I try to use up some of my prettiest bits of stash, or decide not to go to the fabric store, instead of feeling deprived I'll remind myself that there is a gold pot of stash to be gotten at the bottom of the pile! They will always come out with cute new fabrics and stickers and papers and do-dads, so I don't need to be greedy or clench-y with what I've got now. "Go forth into the world" I say to it.
When I picked out all the fabrics for today's project, I almost put it back, because it went so well together that I couldn't possibly use it for this. However, I remembered my sincere desire and kept on. I even ended up with a project I really like. So there crazy brain, there's no need to hoard!

Anyway, onto today's project. My Favorite Boy and I spent a good hour browsing in the craft store this afternoon. Aside from getting an insane deal on Christmas wrapping paper, I saw some heart shaped wreaths made from fabric strips. "Ah-ha!" I thought to myself. "I have the makings for that in my own stash, clothes hanger and all!"
Mr. Crafty World had to work late tonight, so the kids and I ate hot dogs in our pyjamas while watching Tinkerbell, and during the movie I happily snipped strip after strip of fabric with my pinking shears. Some time after that spent tying knots and here is my new raggedy wreath for Valentine's Day.
I like it, but I think I need more pink. What do you think?

*Edited to add:
I just found this tutorila to make rag wreaths if you are so inclined. Go here to see what the talented Flossie Teacakes made.

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Pumpkin said...

How awesome Jenn!!!! I LOVE IT :o)

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