Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet Jingles

I have had a bit of success on the crochet front. I made a little mouse in single crochet the other night, and he has no obvious bulges, holes or extra bits. OK, maybe he's a bit long in the nose, but he's my first! I had intended he be used as a kitty toy, so I put a little jingle bell inside of him. Once I had him finished I realized he would be too big; in fact he's probably half the size of the cat recipient! He has been christened Jingles and is now part of the menagerie of Our Favorite Boy. Since then I have been doing a bit more in the crochet critter department, and have a list from My Favorite Girl on what she wants. I think the kids saw that these little critters have a much smaller incubation period than other projects they have asked me to make!

I'm not the only one being occupied by Christmas: the kids have been producing ornaments and decorations at a rate that would do any Supervisor Elf proud. There are so many things, it would take forever to try and post them on here. I do love this coffee filter angel, especially her little smiling face.

Kiddie sewing has been done as well, with each of my little elves making a small "stuffie".

Yesterday we went to the last Christmas bazaar of the season, and I picked up this little ornament:

I thought it was just adorable, and something I haven't seen before. Next year I plan on going to this particular bazaar a lot earlier, and with a lot more spare change!
Now that the decorations and tree have been put up, I'm hoping to start my baking and chocolate making. I have grand ideas here in my Crafty World; I'm really hoping for sweet success! Stay tuned...


Pumpkin said...

Jingles is ADORABLE! Great job Jenn :o) The kids did a fabulous job with their projects as well.

TJ said...

I love Jingles. I can see why someone adopted him already. I wish we used coffee filters here because the angel is beautiful. We finally got our decorators a tree of their own. It should be interesting to see what it evolves into. Christmas concert tomorrow. Little Miss will be wearing a dress and little Man collared shirt with sweater. Keep posting the photos, I love them.

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