Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jolly Days?

Despite my intentions I am starting to feel a *little* bit of stress due to Christmas. My fabric houses are not going so well, and I have run out of kid-free sewing days, which means I have to stay up late and sew when I'm tired. Now that Christmas cards are coming in the mail, I'm really aware that I haven't sent out any yet, and those un-sent cards are not the hand-made ones I had planned on making through the year. The chocolate for my truffles is still sitting on the counter, waiting....
Looking on the positive side, I did get my parcels sent off and they should arrive at their destination before Christmas. Going to the post office last week made me realize that the date for international mailing has long passed, so once again friends Down Under will not receive a card in time. (Sorry S. Family!! Expect a letter in the New Year!)
Back to being positive: I did finish a few sewing projects that didn't make me have a tantrum at the sewing machine.
Some strawberry sachets for My Favorite Girl:

A reversible fleece vest for My Favorite Boy:

And some pouches for two marble collections:

Today will be busy, but fun I hope. I am volunteering with the kindergarten for their "Santa's Workshop". We will be spending the morning making crafts, and I always like that.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

Beautiful projects!

I know what you mean, Christmas is coming up so quickly. I sent my cards out last week and our parcels today. Yup, today :oS I have to get more organized! LOL!

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