Friday, October 30, 2009


And so it is, the second to last day of October. This month scurried by for me, and it always disturbs me how quickly the time passes. I'm afraid Halloween preparations didn't fill me with the usual excitement this year. I just felt too busy, too rushed, and I'm looking forward to some time spent at home so I don't feel like Christmas is going to get away from me.
Today My Favorite Boy and I had a Home Day. I really love those days, as long as we get to do something fun. The weather today is blustery and rainy and chilly; perfect for baking something warm, sweet and cosy in our pyjamas. I had lots of candy corn left over from my school party baking, so I used up the rest in these vanilla cookies. Oh my they are good! There is a chocolate version as well, but the two batches I made got snarfelled up by a kindergarten class and the residents of this Crafty World.
I had an idea to make a chocolate cake or brownies and sprinkle Reese's Pieces on it before baking. I found a one-bowl chocolate cake recipe, so with the assistance of my little helper, we made this cake. I am a bit disappointed that the candy pieces came apart while baking, but it still looks kind of Halloween-y/harvest like I think?
It's cooling as I speak, so I can't report on how it turned out. However, can a chocolate-peanut butter anything turn out wrong?
I left the kids to their own devices this year in terms of costumes. I felt a smidge guilty, but when I see the dress up box with some pretty cracking articles in it I'm OK with my decision.
Because today was more relaxed I decided to sew something small; something for Halloween; and came up with this:

I think Our Favorite Girl will be happy. I'm happy to have gotten some sewing therapy in, so it's good all around.

Tomorrow it's back to work cleaning house and moving furniture around. Sometime last week I figured it would be a good idea to have a party after the kids return from trick-or-treating. At this point I just might move every non-essential item against the wall and deal with it after the party!

Happy Halloween!

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Pumpkin said...

Happy Halloween Jenn :)

That baking looks SOOO good! Now my keyboard is all wet...

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