Monday, September 14, 2009

This and That

It's been a busy two weeks, but good busy. My parents came for a visit and we had a nice time eating, playing, doing a bit of travelling. My Mum brought these flowers from her garden all the way from B.C. Aren't they gorgeous?!

Just look at this dahlia:

The sweetpeas were the prettiest shade of lilac, and they smelled wonderful.

After they left we had to get Our Favorite Boy and Girl ready for school. I was a bit anxious, wondering how they would do after all this time, but then 11 weeks at home is just too long for all of us. I don't think I have to tell you that the minute I dropped them off I went thrifting. Oh my, how lovely it was to just wander, wander, wander those aisles and look at everything I wanted for as long as I wanted. Other mums had the same idea, because it was pretty busy that day!
I did pretty well as usual. I bought a lot of wool sweaters to felt. When I washed them they shrunk to Our Favorite Girl size. Mr. Crafty World was excited because he said she could wear them. I wasn't so excited because I bought them for crafting with. Luckily (for me!), they proved too scratchy for her, so I get to use them for crafting after all. Watch this space!

My thrifting treasures are rather mixed up, so I'm not sure what I got when. These are a few random pictures of stuff I have thrifted and bought off eBay.

1930's prints for Our Favorite car-loving boy:
Cooking pamphlets from 1917 through the 1930's. We used to have a wood stove like the one in the bottom center. My dad bought it at a second hand store for $35 dollars around forty years ago. I would love to have it now, but it also weighed a ton, and I think we would be black-balled by every moving company there is. We can't afford to tick off the moving companies..
I love this perfume bottle. It's petit point done on silk:

I buy embroidered dresser scarves and table toppers to cut up for other projects, but I keep finding them in really good condition and I don't know if I can take the scissors to them. I'm really sure this time that this dresser cloth is going to be made into a pillow!

This BHG magazine from 1932 has wonderful house plans in it. Too bad builders couldn't take a cue from the old plans, though I don't suppose the house would fit on the dinky sized lots they sell these days.
We are getting our master ensuite "done over" now too. We are very excited to have a nice shiny, brand new bathroom. When the contractor was gutting the bathroom, he found an extra "pocket"of space. Free space!! Now along with my nice shiny bathroom, I'm going to have a nice big closet for all those bathroom bits and pieces that normally have to live somewhere else.
The weather has been so great lately too. You know fall is coming, because the leaves are turning and the nights and mornings are cool, but these days are glorious! Sunshine and just enough warmth to do stuff and not get over heated. If I could only put my sewing machine outside and work away in the sun.....

This weekend we took a walk around Fairy Lake. I'll leave you with a few fall photos I snapped using my new camera:

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Pumpkin said...

Oh my, those flowers are gorgeous!

LOL! You did do some shopping ;) I love seeing all those old items. That perfume bottle is a wonderful find.

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