Friday, September 18, 2009

50 % Day

You know I love shopping at thrift stores. Heck, you know I just love shopping, period. Now 50% off anywhere is great, but it's even better at thrift stores. Cheap goods, half off. I knew Value Village was having a half off sale on Monday. Mr. Crafty completely surprised me on Sunday by suggesting we have a look at the thrift stores, and scout out anything for the sale the following day. Not going to let that opportunity pass, I was ready to go. Didn't I find the chair I was looking all summer for, tucked away under a big pile of other furniture? It was marked at $30, which is waaayyy too much. They had the matching settee too. I said I would come back the next day and if it was there I would buy it for $15.
The next day My Favorite boy and I braved the crowds and made it to Value Village a whole three hours after they opened. I went straight to the back and saw the settee was gone, but the chair was still there, only someone had pushed it even further back into a pile of stuff. I could have jumped for joy, but it's hard to do that when you're digging a wicker chair out of a pile. So here's my $15 chair that I'm totally in love with, and plan on putting it in my sewing area so I can look at all my lovely books. Of course it does need a make-over. I would love to paint it a lovely duck-egg blue, but then I recently came into some pretty lavender floral fabric that would look lovely on a white chair. Decisions, decisions. Suggestions are always welcome, just click on the comments part at the bottom. In case you didn't know :)

Our clean and shiny bathroom is almost finished! I am going to buy the paint today. Didn't I say I was going to retire my paintbrush for a while? I guess that time is up! We also decided that the other bathroom upstairs could use a "do-over", so that will be started next week. Two nice shiny new bathrooms. Now that's lovely.

Have a lovely day.

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Pumpkin said...

Now that IS an awesome find! I would keep it white and use that new fabric you bought :)

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