Friday, July 31, 2009

Time Flies

Even when you're not having all that much fun. We have all been very busy here in our Crafty World. Unfortunately there's not been much craftiness going on. We've been consumed with what seems to be our usual summer buzz of home improvements and making endless trips to the hardware store. Sometimes I wonder will it ever end?! In short, I have been doing a lot of painting, priming, shutter removing, basement cleaning, etc.; nothing really worth documenting with pictures.
Amongst all these home improvements we have had a birthday party. Our Favourite Boy turned five a few weeks ago and I think this cake is my favorite yet. Probably because it was so easy! He loves construction vehicles, so it was super simple to put together. I think Bulk Barn is my new favourite store for all things to do with cake decorating.
I even squeezed a few hours in to cross stitch a simple card for him, simple being the key word! I made the crab card because he's a Cancer baby.
I haven't been thrifting in a while, so the other day I dragged/bribed the kids to Value Village. I was not disappointed in what I found: lots of fabric and a lovely pink and white tablecloth. I had planned on cutting the tablecloth up and making oodles of dishtowels, but it coincidentally goes perfectly with a tea cloth I found in my trunk. As yet I have no recollection of where the tea cloth came from!
The tag for the fabric on the left said there were three meters all together. I thought that was a good deal for $4. When I got home and measured, there are actually just under six! I am thinking about using it for my spare room curtains. They look very pretty and vintage-y in there. It's newly painted a fresh cream, and really needs a pop of color in there.
The other fabric, about three meters, will be the perfect backing for my rainy day quilt. I have been looking for a sheet to use, but this is even better. I think it only cost $4 or $5, so it's a significant savings of the $35 or so I figured it would cost to buy new fabric. Pretty don't you think?

I picked up theses books today at Goodwill. I just love the cover of the Betty Crocker book. Inside are "secrets" to becoming a "famous hostess". Who wouldn't want to know those? I think I'll read the other book and brush up on my Canadian history.

Sunday brings the birthday of our Favourite Girl, so preparations are being made. We're having a tea party and there will be some fun crafts and activities. I'm sure the post about that will be quite picture heavy! I won't be posting about that for a while though, as the day after the tea party we are headed out on a much needed vacation. No hammers, paintbrushes or ladders to be seen for a week. I'm really looking forward to it!

Have a great week.

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Pumpkin said...

Wow! Okay, now that is a cake! I hope your little guy had a wonderful birthday :)

Those are great finds! I found some lovely sheer curtains for my craft room at Frenchy's :)

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