Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Favorite Girl

I have a new project on the go. I am "re-doing" our spare room to become our Favorite Girl's room. We have removed old wallpaper, and now it's time to pick out paint colors.

My Favorite Girl has had a lot of bedrooms in her almost 7 year history. When she was born, the bedroom she moved into was sky blue with a glaze overcoat. It was really pretty, but not what you want for your baby girl. You want candyfloss pink and eyelet lace and fluttery butterflies. That's what she got after she turned a year old. I'll never forget the paint color: it was called Paris Pink by Martha Stewart, and we thought it was so perfect because she had already been to France by that time. It was also a very pretty room, but something was just not right.

We moved away and this way I was determined to capture the "essence" of our Favorite Girl. Her room was painted lavender and cream, with swirly green vines and colorful wooden (cute) bug cut outs around the ceiling line. She had a bug light from Ikea and a buggy curtain valance to go with it. I thought it was OK.

We moved again and this time her room was painted yellow, with pink and white accessories. It's nice too, but I still feel that it's not her. So I'm trying again.

If I had to describe her using a series of pictures, I would say jellybeans and candy popcorn; daffodils and tea roses. I would think of polka dots and rainbows; colored marshmallows and warm squirmy puppies. A box full of new crayons and a rollercoaster ride. This is a little girl who giggles in her sleep, yet cries at happy ending movies.

There's a song, called Daddy's Little Girl, written by Bobby Burke and Horace Gerlach in 1949. When I read the book (and cried the whole time too ) I understood that this is universal, how people feel about their little girls. My favorite part is the chorus, and I'm repeating it here with a few modifications.

"You're the end of the rainbow, our pot o' gold. You're our Favorite Girl to have and hold; A precious gem is what you are, You're our bright and shiningstar; You're the spirit of Christmas, our star on the tree, You're the Easter bunny to daddy and me; You're sugar, you're spice, you're everything nice, and you're our Favorite Girl. You're the treasure we cherish, so sparkling and bright, You were touched by holy and beautiful light; Like angels that sing, a heavenly thing, And you're our Favorite Girl."

Now, given all that, how do I pick the perfect color?

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Pumpkin said...

What a beautifully written post. It makes me think back to my rooms when I was a kid :) I had a canopy bed for my younger years and loved it. I felt like a fairy princess. Hopefully the perfect color will bloom for you ;)

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