Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Pox on Our House

Chicken pox! Can you believe it?! I thought getting my kids vaccinated for this meant they weren't supposed to get it. Apparently not. I have been told the symptoms will be much less severe than if they didn't get the vaccine, so I guess that's something to be grateful for. Still...

Anyway it made us start our summer vacation two days early. It meant I didn't have to cut up pounds and pounds of fruit for the kindergarten picnic, or sit, frying in the sun at said picnic. It also means My Favorite Girl misses her award ceremony, and both kids miss their year-end parties. We also can't have playdates for at least a week, and are pretty much confined to the house. In one way a bummer; in another way, more relaxing. It all balances out I guess.

These are some of the teacher gifts I put together this year. I was struggling with what to give. After a very trying day last week I ended up at the plant nursery, and saw these beautiful double impatiens. I thought "perfect!" and they came home with us.

They really look like miniature roses, and have a sweet little scent. I'm happy with how they potted up, and am even happier each pot cost around $5. I had to make five in total, so I was able to give something that looks good to everyone and didn't break my bank account. One of these days I'll get a better camera and my pictures will be much better!

It's so hot today I filled up the kids inflatable pool. They have already had a good go-round in it; now they're "resting" in front of the TV for a bit. When they're ready to go back outside I plan on parking myself in the new lounger and catching up on some reading. Maybe being under quarantine won't be so bad!

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