Friday, June 12, 2009

Much Better!

I spent a good hour at Toys R Us yesterday trying to find something for our little neighbors birthday. I didn't like the crafts; she's got lots of toys; all I could think of was that I should try again at sewing something. So I came home, got out my Butterfly Fling charm pack and set to work making up a bag. It's a smaller version of the Charm Party Tote I made for myself in April. This is my absolute favorite fabric pack; I wish I had lots more of this fabric. It's all my favorite colors and it's just a delight to work with. I had much better luck this time and am very happy with the finished result. My own daughter asked for one for her birthday, as I knew she would! I tried to keep the quilting simple, because I didn't have too much time to work on it, but I think it's enough. I was able to use up some fabric I originally bought to make a dress for My Favorite Girl (but it was too thin) as the lining, and it goes quite well I think.

The bag measures 11x7x3 inches, so not terribly huge, but big enough to hold a small doll and accessories or some books. I'm still undecided as to whether I'm going to put something inside of it. I think it's big enough to give on it's own, but I might stick a Sparkle magazine in it.

This morning I have been working on the cake. So far so good. My bottom layer, and the biggest one, is baked and it looks great. It's perfectly even all around and smells delicious. The top tier is in the oven as I speak, and the marshmallow fondant is resting on the counter. I'm hoping to get the buttercream made this afternoon, and the fondant put on when we come home from the school picnic tonight. That leaves me tomorrow morning to do the brush embroidery.

Wish me luck!

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