Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can't see straight...

and therefore I can't sew straight! I find few things more frustrating than spending oodles of time sewing and having a crummy finished product. I decided to sew another portfolio for our little neighbor, who's having a birthday party on Saturday. I love the fabric, love the ribbon, love how the princess stationary coordinates with said fabric and ribbon... What I don't love are all the crooked lines and seams. It's so bad there's no way I can give it away. Now to a six year old, it's not a big deal. In fact, I'm pretty sure she won't even notice. It's all the parents who look at it (and they will look, because a home sewn gift is a true rarity around here) and see the crooked lines and seams, who wonder who this cheap, non-talented neighbor is. Ay-yah! So it's off to the toy store this morning to get something else. I really should have known better than to sew when I wasn't feeling good. Problem is, I love to sew, and when I don't feel good it really helps me out. Maybe I should just sew sacks or something when I feel like that. Except they require straight lines too...

Onto other things. I finished replacing the skirts on the ballerina quilt sham. To be honest I didn't think I would do it, because I kind of prefer not to have a sham on My Favorite Girl's bed. It hides all the pretty pillowcases I have for her room. Anyway, I had the sham and the dresses and finished it in a few nights. Until I get a pillow for it it's housing her winter quilt. Here it is on her bed (beside her messy dresser) with the Hello Kitty pillow she made on my sewing machine. I'm now glad I finished it off, because they do look good together.

While we're on the ballerina theme, here is the card I made for My Favorite Girl to go with the carousel horse she received for her year end dance recital. I stitched the ballerina about three or four years ago and it's been sitting in my jewelry box. The pattern is a Bette Davis design that came as a freebie on one of those UK cross stitch magazines. I figured this was the right time to put it to use, so I mounted it on a card I made and added the little resin ballerina slippers to the bottom. I'm very happy with it, and I plan on making sure she keeps it!

Tomorrow I'm in full cake decorating mode. I am making the cake for our little neighbor's birthday party, and it's a two tier job with fondant icing and brush embroidery decoration. I'm really hoping it goes better than the portfolio did! I haven't made a cake that size in quite a while, so I have to get my notes out. If it goes well I'll post a picture. If it doesn't you'll hear me crying on my blog :o

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