Friday, June 26, 2009

A Good Start

Well so far chicken pox has made our days blissfully restful. We have been staying home to play in the kiddie pool; try out some crochet; eat homemade popsicles and watermelon. Quarantine has been rather nice actually!

I ordered two new books with some birthday money and the money I made from the cake. They came yesterday and I spent a lovely time outside going through them. I ordered The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket and Pretty Little Cozies from Lark Books.

Doesn't this photo look like the perfect summer day? My perfect day anyway! I am really enjoying the one by Jane Brocket.

The cozies book is looking promising. I think my first project will be a cozy for my Bodum coffee maker. I have a few delicious fat quarters just waiting to be used.

I also started a project long lanquishing in my "In-box". I have a baby quilt that is in dire need of repair before it can be brought out and loved by another little one.

I painted my cedar planter to match the doors on my house. My lovely geranium looks so much brighter in it. I love doing little things that make a big impact.

Today we are able to go out in public again. Because my shopping day was cut short by the phone call from the school we are going thrifting. Not the kids favorite thing to do, but I have bribed them with some spending money. I'm hoping to find more treasures like these from past thrifting adventures. I can't wait to get them cleaned up and into the spare room.

This weekend promises to be a good one. There is a red and white Strawberries and Cream festival going on at the farmers market, and a huge used book sale in the industrial park. Sounds like another great day I think.

Have a lovely weekend!

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