Monday, April 20, 2009

A Real Finish

This is rare for me, to sit down and work a project through to its completion. Its real completion, not just the completion of various parts. I got this pattern off the BHG website. There's some cute stuff on there if you can just ignore the pop-ups. Honestly, if I want to subscribe I'll subscribe!
I used some charm pack pieces and I am happy with it. Maybe not the buttons, but it's my first one. I actually doubted I would be able to pull the corners off, but I did it. Now I want to make more, and I probably will. I hope my family likes pincushions.

The light over my sewing table isn't the greatest, but it is cute. Underneath the pincushion is one my pieced "things". I'm not totally sure what I will be doing with all my pieced pieces, but I'm having fun just fooling around with my rotary cutter and charm pack fabric.

Yesterday at the quilt show I saw the most gorgeous fabric; very pink and green and turquoise and gorgeous. I almost bought it, but common sense prevailed. At least until tomorrow when I go to Evelyn's anyway. I was trying to stay away from Evelyn's because they are having a great big sale, and really I don't need any more fabric. I was planning on going at the end of the month, when the sale is almost over and then the sale selection will be slimmer. I have a feeling my plan isn't going to work, because they will just have more new stuff to look at and dream about owning. Like the fabric I saw yesterday.

I do have another reason for going though; I am going to the Creativ Festival on Friday night and I need to buy tickets. Never mind that I could buy them online. I'm pretty excited because it's been a year since I was last there. We will only have about 2 1/2 hours to spend so there will be some pretty serious looking and shopping. No browsing, that takes too long!

Since I have most of my dinners made already for the week, it gives me a chance to do some more sewing this week. When I sew I use up some stash, and then I have justification to buy new stash. If only I could get Mr. Crafty World to see how simple it all is.

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