Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Looky Looky

...at my new Cath Kidston insulated picnic bag! I found it at a store called Jackryn France on Saturday. I had been to that store after we first moved here, but haven't been back for two years. Mr. Crafty World and I went on Saturday because they are having a sale, and I fell in love with this bag. I knew I would have to go/sneak back this week to pick it up. Better yet, I signed up on-line at their site to become a member and I got another 10% off. Isn't it beautiful?! And it's huge! Dishes, food, picnic blanket; it will all fit in here. I'm so excited to go picnicking this summer! I picked up the little iPod case too, even though I don't have an iPod. It was marked down to $8 from $20 so it was another good deal. Happily my camera fits perfectly inside, and if you have looked at camera cases these days you know they are a lot more than $8.
We went to Kleinburg this Sunday and it was really nice. It was so gloomy outside that looking at the Tom Thomson and Group of Seven paintings at the art gallery were just what we needed. We bought a membership so we can go back any time, and coincidentally there are tons of walking paths and picnic areas that we can use too. It was just extra incentive to buy the bag!
We walked around the cute little main street of Kleinburg and had lunch, but didn't go into any shops. I'll save that for a day to go myself or with a girl-friend. There are just some experiences you can't share properly with little kids and spouses.
I bought more fabric stash today: I have another Big Project I want to start in the near future, and it makes it that much better if the fabric for it is on sale.

This is some of what I'll be using; the rest I should be able to get from my current stash. When I get started it (and don't hold your breath) I'll post some pics.

I'm off to volunteer at the kindergarten; always a lot of fun!

Have a great day!


Sandra said...

Wow Jenn!!! Love your fabrics, let me tell you for us it's not necessary to have a project in mind to get more fabrics, it's more like fabrics are necessary!!! lol

Great post! Be sure to show us the progress, seems it's going to be wonderful!

BTW Your pinic bag is adorable!!!

Moira said...

Just read your comment on the grilled lemon chicken - thanks for that! One of my favourite shops in this area is Jackryn and I have bought many great Cath Kidston items, including a blue bag with strawberries that I use for my knitting. I'm going to have to check out the sale this week! Moira
PS. The patchwork bag you made is really beautiful.

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