Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Prep

I really love Easter. I love that it comes in springtime; I love rabbits and cute little chicks and I love all the pretty colors. I think I love it too much, because I seem to feel I need to do everything. There are so many cute things to make and do that I get over-inspired I think.

Last year I decided three days before Easter Sunday that my kids needed to have a homemade stuffed toy in lieu of any bought gifts. I figured this might take any disappointment out of the fact that they didn't get any bought gifts! So for three nights solid I sewed and stuffed and dressed two fiddly-to-make geese and two little hearts to hang on their baskets.
This year they told me what they wanted, and so far I have been sewing and stuffing and dressing two, much smaller, animals. I have the rabbit done, and tonight the sheep will be done. In between sewing I have been baking and searching for new and exciting Easter treats. So far I've made two giant sugar cookies for their new baskets, and melting French chocolate for bunnies. I have been drooling over the beautiful creations by Bakerella and was inspired to make these little guys:

Bakerella's are much more professional looking, but there were no criticisms when I unveiled these to my own Crafty World family. I used Tim Horton Timbits for the chicks instead of cake and frosting mixed together. Most obviously because it was easy and cheap. I also thought the inside didn't have to be seriously sweet because the candy coating is. Mine got rave reviews, especially from Mr. Crafty World, so I will definitely make these next year - probably the bunnies. Do check Bakerella's site out; it is just outstanding.

We made sugar cookies and decorated them as a family yesterday. It was so much fun. I just love the pastel colors of the icing. These are the creations of Our Favourite Girl:

And these were made by Our Favourite Boy:

I found a recipe for chocolate covered marshmallow eggs at Roots and Wings: I was so anxious to try these out but I have run out of time. I'll have to save this one for next year. The same goes for the chocolate nests on Zen Cupcake. I bought the mini eggs, but I can't buy the extra time!

Today we went to the town's annual Easter Egg Hunt. We normally don't do things like that, but this year I decided we should. Mostly because this year you only had to find one egg, and redeem it for a loot bag; as opposed to other years where it was an egg-finding free for all. That's too stressful on a parent to watch! It was cold in the woods, and thankfully we found our two eggs in less than half an hour. The kids did a few crafts but the chilly wind outdid us. We redeemed our eggs and headed for a local diner for a late breakfast to warm up.

The kids are full of excitement for the Easter Bunny's arrival. They saw him today and gave him a hug, but knowing he's coming to the house in the wee hours makes it that much more exciting. What's not to get excited about, knowing that the next day you get to hunt for jelly beans and eat as many as you can before breakfast?

Happy Easter!

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RootsAndWingsCo said...

I love your homemade goodies for the Easter basket! Every year I'm conflicted about what to put in them (and what kind of time and/or money I have to do it with). I think homemade stuff is the best!

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