Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best kind of birthday presents

...look like this:

Lots of kiddie energy goes into every detail. What treasures can be inside?

What every mummy needs on her birthday; smiling handprints, styrofoam eggs and glitter glue (from my own stash but I'll forget that temporarily!). There were also many little dinosaur stencil drawings and a beautiful spring card.

What can be inside this little blue package wrapped and taped by two little boy hands?

A pink snail of course. He knew I was having a Pink Party that day, and made the snail to match.

In case I forgot how much I'm loved, a tiny picture of My Favorite Boy and myself. It's called a "Sweet Tart Heart" picture, and I'm the one on the right!

Mr. Crafty World knows how to put together a few gifts himself:
Fabric charm packs and a lovely table runner kit in my favorite colors to play with.

Plus a lovely mug to sip my tea from.

My Pink Party was lovely. Good friends, lots of food and flowers and good conversation. I am very blessed.

I have to admit it was not a day without folly. I will consider this my Gift of Humility for my birthday. Thinking it might be fun to have my hair "put-up" for the party, I made an appointment. I said "somthing simple", and got an "up-do" suitable for a 16 year old going to her prom. I am a few decades older than that and needless to say I looked ridiculous. My Favorite Boy was the first to hand me my hairbrush when I got home and said I was going to brush it out. I had to take a picture though, just to preserve the memory of what my son said looked like a tree with a nest in it. I suppose it is spring after all...

I can, however, say that my own creations turned out well and were enjoyed by all:

I couldn't resist this picture from above: I thought it looked like a buttercream bouquet.

I was finally able to get some answers on my son's head shaking/itchy nose. I took him back to the doctor and asked again for her to look up his nose. It only makes sense (to me anyway) that since that's what he's complaining about, it would be worth looking at. After much insinuation that I was being over-concerned because I was his mother, she finally looked up his nose and what do you know? There is a red lump up there apparently worthy of an X-ray. It could be a cyst or an infection. I was told the x-ray revealed large adenoids, and he will now be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist. While I still don't have concrete answers, I am happy to know that something is finally being done. I am tired of having to pester these doctors about my son's head-shaking and deflect comments like, "Just ignore it", and "I wouldn't lose any sleep over it". Well of course you wouldn't doctor, because he's not your son.

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Sandra said...

Seems you had a great time. Happy belate birthday. My mom's is today, I baked a cake for her and topped it with chocolate and strawberries, but I forgot to take a picture.

You're right about the buttercream bouquet, looks just like roses. Enjoy your presents,the one from your little one is darling!

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