Monday, March 23, 2009

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. I worked on the ballerina quilt, and am pleased to see I only have three ballerinas left to sew. I told My Favorite Girl I would have it done "in the Spring time", and now that spring has officially arrived I had better get it finished. It will be nice to have my dining room table free again anyway.

On Sunday I started a new workout. "Lost 15 pounds!" it says. You have to run and walk at varying intervals and do it for 12 weeks. If I lose 15 pounds that would be nice, but really just to feel a touch lighter is my goal. Oh and be healthy too. So I did the first day and it wasn't too bad. I walked for 2 minutes and ran for 1, four times on the treadmill. I skip today and repeat again tomorrow. I am trying to recruit a friend to do it with me. We talk on the phone three times a week anyway, so perhaps we can multi-task and work out together! I'm not without exercise today however, as it's Monday and therefore I have my Weekly Dose of Humiliation, a.k.a Adult Ballet. Only three more classes to go thank goodness, and I can nurse my ego over the summer. Being a glutton for punishment apparently I probably will sign up for it again in the fall, but I'm hoping that by joining when everyone else does and not mid-year, I won't feel so floppy and un-coordinated. I'm hoping. You can take the muppet to the ballet, but you can't make a ballerina out of a muppet. Oh that's bad...

After my new workout I pulled out the Easter decorations. The kids had a ball putting up the Easter Village. My Favorite Boy especially loves it. I often find "additions" to the village, but it makes me smile.

This year the ducklings have new wheels: a nice shiny red, flatbed truck.

These little ones are ready for school. I found this part of the village last week at a thrift shop.
I was feeling very domestic yesterday and made some chocolate pudding and cinnamon buns. The buns were greedily eaten by all, and the pudding is for tonight. I want to walk to the treat store with My Favorite Boy and pick up some mini-eggs. I think a few of those on top of the puddings will look very sweet.

Now that I see the day is already half over I suppose I should get to it. That's often how it is on Mondays: I put My Favorite Girl on the bus and come home to a day of possibilities. Should I sew or make cards? Work on a long term project or try to finally master crochet? Then I decide to check my favorite blogs while I decide, and what do you know it's already lunch time. That's a Monday for me, every single week. On Tuesdays both kids are in school, so you think I would redeem myself by staying home and working on some of my projects, but nooooo; I'm usually off to the shops by 9 am. Funny how I know my bad habits and yet do nothing to break them.
Have a great day everyone; I hope productivity finds you!

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