Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Proud Mummy Day

Yes I am a proud Mummy today. This morning we were off to see Our Favorite Girl get an award at her school. She didn't know we were coming; that made it extra exciting. When she stood at the front, holding her certificate for Excellence in French, I could have burst. Then I looked at her shiny, little girl face and instantly had an image of the same little face on her little toddler body 4 years ago and I turned into a red faced, weepy mess. Time does fly. Sometimes it seems so unfair. For me the only consolation is looking forward to them wow-ing me again and again as they get older. I hope I get to see them amaze me until they are senior citizens. Then I will be happy to go.

Our Favorite Boy and I had a good day running errands and picking up necessities, like these:

The tray was a total gamble. It was all black, and I wasn't sure if there was any silver left on the handles at all. A bit of elbow grease and stinky polish made me happy to have spent the ten dollars on it. I was just telling Mr. Crafty World that I was still hunting for a silver tray with handles to use with our silver tea service. Patience does pay off. Almost 14 years of it to be exact!

I thought the pedestal stand was nice too. I have also been looking for one for a while. It's a bit thick, but then again, do I really want a more fragile one when my kids still have eyes on the end of their finger-tips? I think my birthday cake will look just lovely on it!

As you can see I had my retail therapy early: you just never know if you will feel like shopping after getting a cavity filled or not! Besides, I'm sure my treasures would not have been there tomorrow...

This afternoon my son said to me, "Do you know why I love you Mummy? Because you're so beautiful."

Today I had two reasons to burst with pride and get all red faced and weepy. It doesn't get much better than this Ithink.

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