Monday, March 9, 2009

I had much grander plans for today. Then I woke up and saw more snow, and just couldn't get out of my pyjamas. If I wasn't taking the kids to the doctor this afternoon I would probably still be in them.

I did get a batch of cinnamon buns made. You make the dough in the breadmaker; wow, what a time saver. I can tell you in all confidence I would never make these if I didn't have a dough setting on my breadmaker. The dough comes out all soft and pillow-y and my hands don't get messy at all. I can enjoy rolling it out and adding lots of sugar and cinnamon. "No raisins next time, OK?" I was told by the youngest members of the household.

Lots of fat, pillow-y cinnamon buns just waiting to rise up. I had every intention of taking another picture of the finished product, but my domestic BFF called and well, you know. I can tell you they tasted really, really good. I had more than just one....

We got our new carpet last week. This is what I have been doing for a week: ripping out terribly stained, 20 year old carpet and crumbly underpadding; humping heavy furniture and boxes downstairs; and vacuuming, vacuuming, vacuuming. However, it was all worth it to have clean, cohesive, berber bliss upstairs. I also got lots of spring cleaning done, so I guess a girl can afford to have a day off.
The carpet place was having a sale on area rugs so we got a new one for our family room. I just love it. It's so soft and it was a nice little preview to getting our new stuff.

Mr. Crafty World was being incredibly generous that day, and took me to Value Village for some treasure hunting. This is what I picked up:

The make-up travel bag has never been used. I don't really need it for travelling, but I thought it could be put to use for stitchy or crafty things. I thought it was pretty, and a darn good bargain for 99 cents. I don't know if I'll stitch anything from the book, but the cover alone was worth the $1.99 I paid for it. I just adore pansies. Lastly, the teacup isn't the best quality bone china, but I couldn't resist the daffodils. It was made in England too, and you don't see that very often.

This is spring cleaning week for me. Luckily I got almost half the house done last week, so I'm hoping it will go smoothly. By that I mean all done by Friday! The only downside is there won't be any time to duck out for a quick thrifting trip. However, I do have to go to the dentist on Thursday, so I may just need a little retail pick-me-up after getting a cavity filled. I'll keep you posted....

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