Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting Ready

These are a few of the things we have made so far. Little Miss Crafty and I have been working on some other things, to be posted tomorrow most likely.

I love the look of bunting, and I see it all the time on European blogs and store sites. It seems we only have it here at car lots! I wanted it to have a bit of a country look, so I used three different calico prints. The pictures don't really do the bunting justice; here they look kind of like Irish Candy corn.

I had an extra piece of pieced fabric, so I made the heart for a friend as a little door decoration. Sadly I won't get to see them tomorrow so it will just hang on my door. Maybe not so sad after all...

Who doesn't love Perler beads for a quick and easy craft? Since we have two big buckets worth, I fully encourage their use! I am hoping to make this up into a little mobile to hang, but they may just be table decorations.

We are having lots of fun getting ready for St. Paddy's day; tomorrow we work on the menu :)

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