Thursday, March 19, 2009


I guess it was a by product of looking at Cath Kidston's book too much. I was completely in that frame of mind to go to the antique barn in Cookstown on Wednesday. No kids along meant I could actually go into every booth and look at everything and find Something Pretty. I looked and looked. There were nice things, but nothing I really had to bring home with me. We went to three stores, and I was actually getting bored of looking at endless teacups and tablecloths and vintage kitchen gadgets. What?! Could this really be me talking, the lover of anything antique? "Antiques" and "Vintage Collectibles" are three of my favorite words! I think I was overstimulated by it all, and disappointed that a place that offered so much of what I like didn't have what I wanted. I found myself thinking that I really did prefer shopping at Value Village, because there is more hunting and digging around to be done, but when a prize is found it is truly enjoyed. Maybe it's because you really have to work at finding something great, and that's why it means so much to you. I'm sure the better prices had a factor in there too! So I came home from Cookstown empty handed, and bound and determined to go thrifting the very next day.

And I did, today. I didn't feel it was a great day for it, because it was really busy and things seemed kind of picked over. I don't think it's worth going thrifting over March Break. The weather was miserable too and I felt that people were in a miserable state of mind. Not a lot of love going around like on a sunny day. The kids weren't happy because they couldn't find any toys that I was willing to let come home with us.
Despite all this I came home with three things: a shawl with cross stitch pansies on it - I just love the colors! They really cheer me up. I think it will be my new blogging shawl.

I almost didn't take the sewing basket, but the inside is in such great shape. It's waiting for a make-over: some kind of vintage, flowery print to be sure. I think a trip to Evelyn's will be in order...

I bought the bangles because I saw some pretty wrapped bracelets in Cookstown that had these as a base. When we got home I pulled out some of my favorite things:

...and set to work. I keep telling Mr. Crafty World I'm like a magpie: I just can't get enough of pretty, sparkly things. Beads fill that desire at a pretty good price point I think. This is my new bracelet:

I couldn't really get a good picture of what I came up with; the light was very bad today. It's much prettier and sparklier in person. My trip to Cookstown was redeemed because it gave me the inspiration for the bracelets. My thrifting adventure redeemed itself once I had a better look at my stuff. And, I got everything for less than the price of one, already-made-by- someone-else, bracelet.

Tomorrow we're off to Ikea for a playdate: the kids get to play in the Fun Forest, and I get to have a playdate in the rest of the store with my friend. Then we're going to try our luck at another Value Village nearby. It always feels like such an adventure to go thrifting in another town...

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