Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to Stitching

After three dismal tries at crocheting, and some serious cross stitch withdrawal, I finally got motivated to get back to stitching. I pulled this chart from my files and gave it a go last night:

It's a freebie from The Sweetheart Tree. It's missing the heart charm over the bird: I still have to find one small enough. I'm not crazy about the colors, but the important thing was to just get back to stitching! It was so wonderful to pull out the fabric and go through my floss, and I had such a wonderful time putting needle to thread. I really have to make time in my day again for stitching.

It's looking to be a beautiful weekend and we are all in various states of wellness. This time I'm at the bottom of the pile with some weird kind of stomach bug. Another trip to the clinic will be in order on Monday if it doesn't clear up.

My Favorite Boy has been experiencing some health troubles. About six weeks ago he started shaking his head every minute or so, completely involuntarily. We weren't sure what it was, maybe the old carpet in our house as it was soooo gross and dirty. After replacing the carpet he showed no signs of improving. Then he got strep and we wondered if it had something to do with that. The antibiotics he took for that didn't make a difference in the head shaking and throat clearing either. His teachers started commenting on it and we took him to see the doctor again (3rd time) about it. She told Mr. Crafty World we should just ignore it, it's probably something he's doing for attention. Well, anyone who knows our Favorite Boy knows he doesn't suffer from a lack of attention. Now we want to get a referral for an ear, nose and throat specialist, and since it has to be from our family doctor we have to wait two weeks to get in to see her. I'm so frustrated with this clinic we go to; I think our doctor has way too many patients if it takes two weeks to get in to see her. If I mention that I think it's urgent, they tell us to go to the walk-in clinic. However, you can't get a referral at the walk-in clinic, even when it's your own doctor you see on a walk-in basis, because it takes "too much time". So here we are, waiting two weeks to see our doctor for a referral. I also don't understand how some doctors can just dismiss symptoms and say it's all in their (the patient's) head. I understand that doctors can't be expected to know everything, but if you don't know about something then why don't you send the patient to someone who might have a better idea? I spent three hours on the internet last night looking up everything I could about my Favorite Boy's symptoms. From what I researched it looks like it might be an allergy. That made me feel a bit better, as opinions from other people have run from adenoid problems to brain tumors. Being a parent I have of course been imagining all sorts of things, and having to wait two weeks to just get a referral is very hard! I have talked to some friends and they say the longest they have ever had to wait to see their doctor was one week. I do know one thing for sure; we will be finding another doctor for our children soon.

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