Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And the rest of it

Yesterday was busy! The weather was gorgeous but I was in the kitchen making the final preps for our St. Patrick's Day dinner. The only picture I'm missing is of my clover leaf rolls. They got eaten too quickly I'm afraid. I made the stew in my new crockpot and it turned out great. We ate the whole pot!

I don't have to tell you the cookies and chocolates were a big hit too.

My Favorite Girl made the lovely garland and napkin rings. "What talent and ingenuity!" thinks this proud mum.

Now I can rest for a bit. Thank goodness Easter falls in April this year!

Today Mr. Crafty World and I are going antiquing, without the little ones. I'm very excited.

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Theresa said...

Shopping with a buddy is always the best even if you don't find anything. :)

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